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WSC Player Profile


At WSC Crush - MLS Next, we develop players who are...


...Technically Advanced

We develop our players with the ultimate objective of ball mastery (ability to execute full range of skills under pressure in training and games) to ensure WSC Crush - MLS Next players and teams have competitive edge with speed of play. 


...Tactically Aware

WSC Crush - MLS Next players make autonomous decisions and understand roles & responsibilities within our systems of play to achieve numerical/positional superiority.  


...Physically Strong

In all areas relative to excellence in soccer:  speed, strength, ABC (agility/balance/coordination), fitness, flexibility. 


...Socially/Emotionally Resilient

We model and teach all players to have ‘Growth Mindset’. Greatness is earned and learned through hard work, determination, and commitment to excellence. 

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