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WSC Crush MLS NEXT - The best players & best coaches competing at the highest level. Interested in joining, please click the link below to request a tryout with our WSC Crush U13 MLS NEXT or WSC Crush U14 MLS NEXT teams. 


“If players have a positive attitude, give maximum effort, and dedicate themselves to getting better every day, greatness will be achieved.”


WSC Crush Tryouts

2021-22 season:

NorCal Open Tryout Window, May 15 - June 27, 2022.

Players are free to try out with any club/team during the NorCal Open Tryout Window. There are no restrictions to player movement during this period. Please visit our Tryouts Page, fill out the simple form with player information (Name, Birth Year & Contact Information) and we will contact you to provide the appropriate tryout or open training session information for your player. Thank You!! 


Our Club

WSC Crush is a highly competitive youth soccer club with players/teams playing in MLS Next, N.P.L. (National Premier League), E.C.N.L. Girls, Girls Academy, NorCal Premier & NorCal Gold, Silver, Bronze. We specialize in player development centered around our WSC Crush Player Profile & Individual Development Plan (I.D.P.). Our teams have a very distinctive style of play, designed to dominate possession through technical & tactical superiority, positional play, and advanced decision-making capabilities. Our philosophy of player development produces top players & teams in line with our WSC Crush Mission Statement:

“Our mission is to bring out the best in ALL players. We are a player development club. Our primary objective is to maximize individual and team potential.”


Our Programs

WSC Crush Curriculum, Methodology, Style of Play & Team-Tactical-Principles taught throughout each age group & game model:

4v4 {4-7 years old}

7v7 {7-9 years old}

9v9 {9-12 years old}

11v11 {12-19 years old}

Coaches use Team-Tactical-Periodization Planning to maximize teaching & learning of 4 Pillars {Technical, Tactical, Physical & Social-Emotional} & Principles for all 4 Phases of Play {Attack, Transition from Attack to Defend, Defend & Transition from Defend to Attack}. Our curriculum is age-appropriate & based on our game model. At WSC Crush, we have a clear continuum of practice throughout the age groups leading to our WSC Crush Elite Player Pathway:  MLS Next & N.P.L. (Boys) & Girls Academy & E.C.N.L. (Girls). WSC Crush players enjoy a competitive edge on game day based on our programming, structure, organization & high performance environment. Please visit our Programs page for more info/details about Futsal, Camps/Clinics, State Cup, Elite Tournaments & International Tournaments.

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