Our Pre-Academy program is for 4-7 year old boys and girls and does not require previous experience. This program is designed to introduce players to the game, teach technical skills and fundamentals of the game, and develop a love for the beautiful game. Our coaching staff creates a safe, healthy and effective teaching/learning/playing environment, where all players are valued and respected regardless of their athletic ability or aptitude for the game. Every new player is a beginner (at some point) and our Pre-Academy program is the perfect place for young players to start their soccer journey.

Players can attend 1 or 2 practices a week (45 minutes each) whichever works for their schedule and player needs.

This phase of player development is referred to as the BALL MASTERY phase.

Our focus is maximizing quality touches on the ball.


We teach...




...finishing (shooting)

with particular emphasis on MOVESSKILLSCHANGE OF PACE!!

Fall 2021 Season


August 9 - November 21



Regular fees - $700

Woodside Elementary School - $490

Scholarships available upon request



All age groups: 4:00-5:00pm  at Woodside Elementary School


All age groups: 2:30-3:30pm  at Woodside Elementary School


2017-2018 age group: 3:30-4:30pm  at Woodside Elementary School
2014-2016 age group: 4:30-5:30 pm  at Woodside Elementary School


Andrew Ziemer & Charlei Gray & Joey Bastian


Contact Andrew Ziemer