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WSC Crush Academy


We have multiple teams at every age group, so we can implement the core elements of our WSC Crush systems and procedures. At WSC Crush, we believe players should move between teams within their age group (or older age group) based on the performance standard and our formula for determining team placement and playing time:


A - Attitude

E - Effort

A - Ability

E - Execution


We believe players thrive when placed in their zone of proximal development, which is best defined as a learning environment where players, students of the game, experience an equal or appropriate balance between success and challenge/failure. Our coaches practice ongoing formative assessment and use this concept to assign players to a team or teams each week. This system of moving players between teams has proven highly effective to maximize player development at WSC Crush. 


We have teams playing at all levels, from Nickel (beginner level) to Nor Cal Premier and MLS (EYDP) (highest level of competition at older ages). Most of our players/parents learn to simply enjoy the game, try their best, and pay little or no attention to results/standings/team placements. 

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