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WSC Crush is committed to developing youth soccer players who will be successful in sports and life. The three pillars to our success are a focus on high-quality instruction, exposure to high-level and appropriate competition, and developing respectful, dedicated athletes who develop habits that lead to success.


High-Quality Instruction

We have created a comprehensive curriculum for both our players and coaches to help develop players to their greatest potential. Coaching Director Zak Ibsen’s program addresses psychomotor, technical and tactical aspects of the game for each age group.  


High-Level, and Appropriate Competition

We field teams that compete at all levels in the leagues hosted by NorCal Premier Soccer. Our more competitive teams will also play in additional competitions including regional tournaments, the state cup, and futsal.  


Respectful, Dedicated People

Our players are coached to play with discipline and the highest level of sportsmanship. Our parents are all required to adhere to our parental support policies or they will be prohibited from watching games from the sidelines. We treat all officials, opponents, coaches and any other soccer officials with the utmost respect at all times. Our players learn habits that will make them successful in life and our coaches and parents all role model positive behavior.




Player development is at the heart of WSC’s coaching and playing philosophy. Our primary purpose is to bring out the best in every player, regardless of skill, ability, or playing level. We offer multiple pathways, from beginner and recreational players to Premier level players seeking the highest level of competition for their age group.


Our coaches follow a unique curriculum, designed by Director of Coaching Zak Ibsen, with age-appropriate technical, tactical, physical and social-emotional training techniques and methodologies designed in accordance with US Soccer’s 4 stages of player development:

4v4  (5-7 years)

7v7  (7-9 years)

9v9  (9-12 years)

11v11  (12+ years)


Players developed in our program will become technically advanced, tactically aware, physically strong, and emotionally resilient as a result of our curriculum and coaching. 


Why Woodside Soccer Club?

Woodside is the perfect place for players and families who understand the unique opportunity soccer presents in developing the whole child. We understand the need to teach soccer skills, life skills, and real-life skills within the context of the beautiful game. Players are treated with respect and dignity and taught using positive reinforcement to have a lifelong love for soccer.


We believe Teamwork, Respect, Inclusion, Personal Integrity and Fair Play (T.R.I.P.F.) provide a solid foundation for character development and guidance for our club.


If you have any questions regarding our clubs, teams, or joining the WSC Crush Community, please contact us. We look forward to playing with you!


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