Exciting announcement from our WSC Crush D.O.C. Zak Ibsen:

I would like to recognize & appreciate all those in our WSC Crush soccer community for their contribution in support of our mission statement, “At WSC Crush, we bring out the best in ALL players. We are a player development club. Our primary objective is to maximize individual and team potential.” This is all about our players, coaches and families who have earned the right to compete at the highest level based on merit. A special thank you to the parents and families of our talented players who empower their children to pursue their dreams with passion, joy and enthusiasm for the game. The unconditional love and support of each family is the driving force behind individual and collective success on and off the field.

Thank you MLS Next for the opportunity to elevate the game & push ourselves to the MLS Next Level!! We will make you proud of our club culture, identity, ethos, philosophy of player development, style of play & relentless drive to improve & compete at the highest level. Go WSC Crush MLS Next!!

WSC Crush MLS Next:

We are thrilled to announce WSC Crush MLS Next is the premier youth soccer club on the Peninsula AND only club in San Mateo County that offers MLS Next level teams for boys in the ELITE PLAYER PATHWAY!

We are partnering & collaborating with local clubs to provide an optimal performance environment with the BEST PLAYERS & BEST COACHES on the field competing at the highest level:

  1. San Mateo County F.C.

  2. San Francisco Elite

  3. Breakers FC

WSC Crush MLS Next 2021-2022 Coaching Staff:

Zak Ibsen, WSC Crush Director of Coaching - US Soccer A License & current MLS Next head coach

Andrew Ziemer, WSC Crush Executive Director - US Soccer A License & MLS Next Top Coach, Pre-Academy & Program Coordinator & Collaboration/Cooperation Specialist

Jaime Gomez, SMC F.C. (San Mateo) Director & WSC Crush MLS Next Coach

Brian Mansell, SMD F.C. (Redwood City) Director, US Soccer A License & WSC Crush MLS Next Advisory Coach

WSC Crush MLS Next Age Groups for 2021-2022 Season:

U13 (09 + top 2010’s) & U14 (08 + top 09’s)

WSC Crush MLS Next - Breakers FC Academy MLS Next Age Groups for 2021-2022 Season:

U15 (07 + top 08’s), U16 (06 + top 07’s) & U17 (05 + top 06’s)

All Teams Train in our Future Pros Optimal Performance Environment:

Notre Dame de Namur University - Koret Field:  1500 Ralston Ave., Belmont 94002

Cañada College Soccer Stadium:  4200 Farm Hill Blvd., Redwood City, 94062