Referee Resources

Our Referee Coordinator Christina Wade will work with Team Managers to make sure that every game has referees assigned — as per NorCal guidelines.

  • 7v7 one Referee, who is paid $45/game

  • 9v9 three Referees. Two Assistant Refs paid $40/game and Center Ref paid $45/game.

  • 11v11 three Referees, Two Assistant Refs paid $45/game and Center Ref paid $50/game.


Managers should keep a copy of game cards until the end of the season, in the event of a dispute.


If there is a problem with a ref, the manager should contact Christina by e-mail or phone. No one should ever speak to the ref directly regarding play on the field.


Note on Rescheduling and Cancellations:


Once a home game is listed on PENSRA and the Got Soccer site, it should not be changed. However, on occasion, it is necessary to change a game time or cancel a game. If the change occurs at least one week prior to the game there should be no problem.  Team Manager must email Christina to notify her of the change.

The cut-off for rescheduling a game without penalty is Thursday at 6 pm or 72 hrs prior to kick-off whichever comes first.  If a game is canceled after that (except for rain), the refs must still be paid, and the team must assume responsibility to pay (see below). If the game time is moved, the same situation may occur, unless, by chance, the refs whom we reassigned to the game in its original time are still able to do the game in its new time.  


Each team may have ONE penalty paid for by the club.  After that first mistake, the team will pay out of pocket.


Please send any cancellations or changes to the WSC Ref Coordinator.


To email Christina, click here.


Updated March 29, 2019

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