Open Tryout Window for 2020-2021 Season

November 30th, 2020 - February 7th, 2021

This is the designated time period for players to try out or attend open training sessions at any competitive club. Players are free to choose the club of their choice for the 2020-2021 Season during this time.

We look forward to adding highly motivated players who are looking for a player development club, which focuses exclusively on the best interest of each player.


Our mission statement:

WSC Crush brings out the best in ALL players.

WSC Crush is a player development club.

Our primary objective is to maximize individual and team potential.

WSC Crush has established and offers a robust Home Training Program:


  • WSC Crush You Tube Channel for Individual Training Videos 

  • WSC Crush offers access for players to My Soccer Training at Beast Mode

  • WSC Crush offers weekly (2-3 sessions) Zoom Live Training Sessions

  • Daily/weekly/monthly Individual Training Plans for all players aligned with our WSC Crush Individual Development Plan, Player Profile, Style of Play and Team-Tactical-Principles

Thanks to all of our dedicated players, families and coaches for implementing this comprehensive player development program, which will continue to support our on-field programming next season and beyond. We have witnessed outstanding player development as a result of the hard work, dedication and commitment to excellence of our players, coaches and families. 

We will offer soccer programming for all registered players for Spring 2021 Season, no matter the circumstances. We are hopeful for a standard Fall League season, including tournaments and State Cup. However, we are prepared to adapt and modify our programming based on health conditions in the fall. As always, we will serve the needs of our players and support their personal growth and development no matter what!!

Please register your player below and we will contact you within 24 hours to follow up about our expected tryout process. If physical tryouts are not possible (due to health restrictions), the Tryout Window will likely become the Transfer Window, so players can move between clubs November 30th, 2020 - February 7th, 2021


You may also contact WSC Crush Director of Coaching Zak Ibsen, with any questions about our program or programming!!